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Your photo collage on canvas

Photo collage

Creating a collage from your own photos is not only becoming more and more popular, it’s also never been easier. With the photo collage editor, it’s very simple to transfer your photos and put together an attractive collage. Over 250 different templates help you to create your own very individual collage. The result is a very personal, very unique photo collage.

What sort of photo files are suitable for a collage?

Generally speaking, all digital photos are suitable as long as they have sufficient resolution. Even mobile phone photos and selfies can be used to create a photo collage. But there are some things to look out for when selecting your photos.

Photos with a high resolution are better for having your collage printed. On the other hand, it takes longer to upload larger photo files to the editor. But if you want to print your collage, this time is a good investment. Your photos will come out even better in your collage.

What sort of motifs are suitable for a collage?

The image motifs you choose are essential to the design of your photo collage. The colour space of the photos should be consistent. The collage will be more homogeneous and therefore more beautiful if the photos you use have similar colours. The overall effect will be much more uniform and the result will be the perfect photo collage.

You should give priority to photos with clear motifs. Very different colours and photos with very much details will make the collage seem too busy. The many photos that make up a collage already create a fundamental tension in the piece – since numerous photos are pictured in the collage, it already has a certain complexity. Small detail and a mix of many colours provide for additional distraction.

5 simple rules for your collage photos:

  1. use photos of the same colour space
  2. use simple motifs, avoid complex ones
  3. avoid very detailed, intricate photos
  4. fewer colours is better than more
  5. monochrome photos are especially beautiful

How do you arrange photos in a collage?

Different collages have different amounts of space for photos. Our templates make it possible for you to use between 3 and 29 photos in the collage. But how can you best arrange the individual photos?

That depends on the template, of course. Some collage templates place the accent on a main image. In the case, one photo is considerably larger than the others. This main image is therefore a suitable place for the most important photo. A tour group could be pictured here altogether, for example, whereas the smaller pictures could be of parts of the group or individuals.

If the photos for the collage have different levels of brightness, it is recommended that the darker ones are placed at the bottom of the collage. By doing this, the optical weight of the photo collage is in the lower half, which corresponds more to the way we usually see things.

Collage as wall art

The photo collage is often presented as a gift to be hung on the wall as decoration. For this purpose, you can have your collage printed on materials such as canvas, acrylic glass or as a poster. Your printed collage is sure to arrive on time: Delivery is usually within 1-3 workdays.

Collages for every occasion

Creating a photo collage is always a wonderful gift idea. The combination of personal photos and your own creativity makes it a very individual present. Printed on high-quality material, the photo collage will look extremely professional – like a little work of art.

These days photos collages aren’t just presents for birthdays or among friends – they also make the perfect gift to say goodbye to a colleague, for example. After all, photos of time spent together can be the ideal parting gift. If you want to use a lot of photos, we recommend creating a photo mosaic. In this, you can use up to 1000 photos.

We provide free collage templates for numerous different occasions. You can use these to arrange your photos easily.

Our collage templates

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  • Friends
  • Family & children
  • Birthday
  • Travel & holidays
  • Farewells & Memories

You will find all the collage templates here.

Create a photo collage – how it works

Creating a photo collage these days is very simple. You can use the collage editor to easily transfer your own photos and put together your collage. To do this, you just drag your photos into the position you want on the template.

That’s how easy it is to create a collage. Of course you can always change the position of your photos at any point before completing the collage. This also applies to the template itself. You can also swap this at any point as long as the collage hasn’t been completed.