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Try our collage maker for free

You can easily create your photo collage online for free on After you have uploaded your favourite photos, you can choose from the available collage templates and fonts to suit your taste and create a your photo collage.

Photo collage maker

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Create a free photo collage now

After you have created your online photo collage with our collage maker, you can share it on Facebook, send it as an e-card or simply download your free photo collage as a PDF or JPG file.

  1. Facebook
    You can share your free online photo collage with your friends on Facebook or any other platform. Simply click on the corresponding button on Facebook after you have finished your photo collage.
  2. E-Card (coming soon)
    A photo collage makes a great greeting card for special occasions or ‘just because’ you can. You can therefore send your free photo collage by e-mail to friends and family – a great alternative to sending by post.
  3. PDF File (coming soon)
    To send your photo collage as an e-mail attachment, we recommend downloading your photo collage from our collage maker as a PDF, free of charge. This will also allow you to keep a back up of your photo collage.
  4. JPEG File
    A JPEG is ideal for continuing working on your collage, e.g. using it as your computer screen background image. A JPEG of your photo collage is available for download, free of charge.

The following table shows the file sizes for each format available for download.

collage activies as acrylic glass print.jpg

Free photo collage download formats

Downloading your free photo collage as a JPEG is available in the following formats. The file sizes are suitable for further processing on the web or digital calculator. If the photo collage meets your expectations, you have the option to get it printed on canvas, acrylic glass or Alu-Dibond.

Format Resolution MP
1:1 500 x 500 px 0.25 Photo collage maker
4:3 480 x 360 px 0.17 Photo collage maker
4:3 480 x 360 px 0.17 Photo collage maker

TIP: If you would like to purchase a photo collage print, you will need a larger file. To order your finished photo collage as a high quality photo product, simply select a collage on canvas, a poster, acrylic glass or Alu-Dibond.