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How to hang

Hanging canvas collage prints the easy way

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Here’s what you need

To hang your canvas you will need a spirit level, a hammer, a pencil and two nails.

hang canvas icon place

1. Choose a place

When choosing where to hang your canvas, pay attention to the visual height and the symmetry of your furnishings. You’ll find various ways of hanging here.

hang canvas icon mark

2. Marking

Mark the height with a pencil (take 4cm away for the depth of the frame. Carry this over to a second point using the spirit level.

hang canvas icon hammer

3. Hammer in the nails

Hammer the nails in until they stick out 2cm from the wall (at a slightly raised angle). This means that you’ll have sufficient length on which to hang the canvas.

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4. Hang the canvas

Once you’ve hammered in the nails, hang the canvas up so that the stretcher frame rests on the nails.

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5. Done

You can adjust the picture through light pressure. Congrats! If you’ve still got all fingers attached, you’ve been successful.

4 tips on what to remember when hanging a photo canvas:

hang acrylic metal icon height

Eye level – ideally, you will hang the canvas so that it is at the perfect eye level. You should also take the symmetry of the space into consideration when you hang your canvas.

acrylic metal avoid direct sunlight

No direct sunlight – Make sure that your canvas will not be exposed to any direct sunlight. Otherwise the colours will fade faster.

graphic do not hang in bathroom

No damp areas – The wooden frame of your canvas can warp if it subjected to a fluctuating, damp climate. This means that damp, humid rooms are not suitable for hanging canvas prints.

graphic gloves while cleaning

Wear gloves If possible – Canvas prints can be delicate. Wearing white cotton gloves will help avoid abrasion when hanging your photo canvas.

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