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Photo collage tips

Tips for creating a photo collage

Photo collage maker FAQs

  1. In which formats and sizes can I create my photo collage?
  2. On which photo products can I print my photo collage?
  3. What is the most popular material used to create a photo collage?
  4. How do I pay for my photo collage pring?
  5. Can I send my photo collage to another address online?

What image format can be used in the photo collage maker?

To create your photo collage, you must use images that are stored in JPG format. JPG or JPEG is the most common image format and is the standard image format used by every smartphone and digital camera.

How many photos can be used to create a photo collage?

This depends on which template you want to use to make your photo collage. You can choose from several photo collage templates.

How do I find my desired template?

By default, a template is already selected for your photo collage. Your photos will be automatically inserted when you click on “Auto-fill”. However, if you wish to, you can change the template of your collage to one of our many alternative designs. We have a selection of many different styles from which you can choose. These are divided into collages for "3-9 pictures", "10 to 20 pictures" and "more than 20 pictures." By clicking on "Generate the collage" the template is accepted. Now, you just have to fill the collage and it will be finished. Check out our video tutorial!

In what colour space must my images be? RGB or CMYK?

It is of no importance which colour space you use since our software automatically recognises the colour space of your pictures and adjusts the print template accordingly for optimal results. However, the default colour space in digital photography is RGB.

Is there a minimum resolution for my image files?

Nowadays, you can pretty much create a photo collage with any digital photo since digital cameras today all produce photos of sufficient resolution from which you can make and print a photo collage online. If your image files are too small, our system will warn you by displaying a red smiley so that you can easily see which image files are suitable for creating a photo collage. If you make sure to only use suitable photos, your photo collage will always look perfect. But remember, the higher the resolution of your image files, the better your online and printed photo collage will look.

In what sizes and formats can I create my photo collage?

Our photo collages can be ordered in all formats offered by us. The different formats are also available in many different sizes, from small 30 x 30 cm to huge 120 x 90 cm photo collages.

How can I upload my photos to my gallery?

After you have chosen your collage template, you can upload your photos by clicking on 'Add photos' button (top right) in the 'My photos' area. You can upload more than one image by holding down the CTRL-key. Check our video tutorial!

The most commonly selected product is photo collage on canvas since canvas is regarded as a very classy product. However, acrylic prints are also very popular among amateur photographers.

How do I pay for printing my photo collage?

When creating a photo collage, our partners offer several payment methods. You can pay for your photo collage print by credit card, direct debit, PayPal or simply pay by invoice.

Are the photos true colour images?

Since most computer screens today are customised by end users, colours may differ between those used when creating a photo collage and those on the screen. If you want to order a true colour photo collage, then you should use a local advertising agency or photographer who would normally use true colour systems and can give you further advice on how to create a photo collage.

How will my photo collage be delivered?

If you create your photo collage using our website and order a print, then this will be delivered using our logistics partner UPS. Should there be any damage to your collage in transit, you must report this immediately to the driver. This way, the insurance cover remains intact and we can send you a replacement.

Is it possible to create large-format photo collages?

You can print your photo collage on canvas up to a size of 120 x 90 cm. This is a very striking format. You can also choose from a wide range of other materials in impressive sizes. Here you can view and compare our latest formats and sizes for photo collage prints.

How long will it take to deliver my collage?

Delivery time for your collage depends on what material you want to print and where you want it shipped. We can offer you a 24 hour delivery service within Europe even for a photo collage on canvas.

You can print your photo collage on canvas, acrylic glass or Alu-Dibond. We offer the following photo product materials: photo collage on canvas, your photo collage as a poster, on Alu-Dibond or on acrylic glass. We will print your photo collage on whichever material you like best.

Can I remove pictures from my collage?

Removing images from your collage is very easy. Moving the mouse over an image displays various options. To remove the image from your photo collage, click on the 'x'.

How can I add text to my collage?

We offer collage templates with the option of adding text in which you can enter and format text in the appropriate places. This means that you can change the font, font size and colour of your text.

Can I send my online photo collage to another address?

When you order your photo collage, you can specify an alternative delivery address at any time. For example, you could send your photo collage on canvas as a gift, directly to its recipient.

Will the Photo-collage.net logo be visible on my print?

Not as a rule, no. Once you decide to print your photo collage on canvas for example, the logo is only printed on request.

Will my package arrive safely?

We will send your photo collage or picture frames in sturdy cardboard boxes thus ensuring a high degree of transport safety. Each consignment will be packed according to the same security precautions and checks prior to dispatch. After having created your photo collage, you can be absolutely sure that we will ship your artwork with care. In addition, you can track the current location of your collage at any time using our printing partner's online tracking system.

Can I recommend Photo-collage.net?

Of course! We can only continue to offer our photo collage service by recommendations, in which case we need your help.

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