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More than 250 free templates

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Templates for friends

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Templates for love

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Templates for family & children

More templates for: birthday, holiday & travel, memories

Your photo collage on canvas

Video: collage on canvas 45 x 30 cm

  • Printed on real artist’s canvas (real cotton)
  • On stretcher frame + 8 tensioning wedges
  • Frames available: Standard 2 cm, Gallery 4 cm
  • Eco-friendly: Canvas print is made from renewable materials
  • Direct print with Hewlett Packard HP technology

Ready to ship: Thursday, 26.04.2018
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Easily create your photo collage online!

Making your own collage has never been easier. We can print your collage on canvas or poster in large format. You can also send the collage directly to your email address. Simply upload your most treasured photos and choose one of over 250 designs.

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Easily transform your photo collage into a calendar

What kind of a photo collage calendar is truly unique? One with your favourite photos! With our photo collage maker, you can easily create your own personal photo collage and make a calendar out of it with your most beautiful pictures. When creating a photo collage, choose from a wide range of sizes and designs.

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Our tip: Your photo collage on canvas

A stunning photo collage on real canvas comes across beautifully, which is why so many customers choose a photo collage on canvas. Print your collage on canvas if you plan to give it to friends. They will be amazed at your work of art.

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Create your own individual photo collage

Here at, you have the opportunity to create your photo collage online using pictures that are personal and individual to you. With the help of our “Tips & Tricks” section, you can add your pictures to one of our templates that you like and arrange the photos to suit your taste.

Once you have arranged your photos, you can create your custom photo collage. Then you have the option to download the file and send the collage to friends, or you can order your photo collage on canvas, poster or acrylic glass. The finished product can be given to family or friends, or hung on a wall in your living room. Have fun with your photos using our photo collage maker!

Your personal photo collage – with the collage maker tutorial

With the collage maker, you can create your own personal photo collage, quickly and easily. This tutorial video will show you how you can make your own photo collage. Just upload your favourite photos, sort the images, and download the completed photo collage. Do you want to make a photo collage with your favourite personal pictures? Start right away by uploading your images!

Photo collage maker

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Create your photo collage as wall art

Your photo collage in XXL format. Make your favourite photos stand out!

e.g. poster
40 x 30cm
gloss or matte
£ 15.90 incl. VAT

Create and print a photo collage

Creating a photo collage with our photo collage maker is simple, which is why you can easily create individual works of art using your creative style and your most treasured photos. For these unique compositions we offer numerous formats, sizes and materials on which you can print your photo collage. A photo collage on canvas is particularly popular, and the result looks spectacular. Try it yourself!

Here’s what our customers say:

Your product selection

Printing your own photo collage on canvas is especially popular today. The high-quality canvas and attractive frame make a unique ornament for your home out of every personal photo collage. The photo collage that you create with our photo collage maker can be printed on canvas in many different sizes, so you will always be able to find the right canvas to make your own collage.

Once you have chosen the size, you only need to assemble your personal photo collage. You create the collage by selecting your favourite photos, uploading them and arranging them into the selected style. Once you have decided that the images are in the perfect position, you can print your customised photo collage as canvas print. In just a few days, your collage will arrive on your doorstep and you can either hang it in your favourite part of your home or present the photo collage on canvas as a gift.

collage activities on canvas visual
Product Format Size Price Delivery
Photo collage on canvas
1:1 20 x 20 cm £ 19.00 24 hours Photo collage maker
Photo collage on canvas
4:3 40 x 30 cm £ 49.00 24 hours Photo collage maker
Photo collage on canvas
4:3 80 x 60 cm £ 79.00 24 hours Photo collage maker
Photo collage on canvas
4:3 120 x 90 cm £ 119.00 24 hours Photo collage maker

Our recommendation for your photo collage:

Phototocollage on canvas1 300×241

A photo collage comes across beautifully on a medium or large canvas which is why we recommend printing your photo collage in a 80 x 60 cm or 120 x 90 cm format.

Many customers decide either to gift the photo collage on canvas or to use it in their own homes to beautifully furnish a living room. Whichever of your favourite photos you choose to make your photo collage, you can decide to make it a wonderful gift to somebody else or hang it in your home.

A poster collage is the most inexpensive way to print your photos as a collage. Whether small or in super-large poster format, your photo collage can be created online, delivered to your home and hung on your wall, all for an affordable price.

Throw away the old posters that are hanging in your room. Making a poster collage is the cheapest way to print your own custom photo collage. The photo collage poster is particularly popular if you create a collage using pictures of your family and friends, or pictures that represent important moments in your life. Our customers often choose photos from important life events to depict on a poster. These can include birthdays, weddings, holidays, graduation photos and many more. Photos of beautiful scenery from your trips around the world also make great photo collage posters and are a unique way of remembering the parts of the world you visited.

photo collage as poster
Product Format Size Price Delivery
Poster collage prints
4:3 40 x 30 cm £ 15.90 24 hours Photo collage maker
Poster collage prints
1:1 80 x 80 cm £ 52.90 24 hours Photo collage maker
Poster collage prints
4:3 120 x 90 cm £ 77.90 24 hours Photo collage maker

Our recommendation for your photo collage:

collage relationship wall poster

For budget-conscious customers we recommend a 40 x 30 cm poster. You will then receive your customised online photo collage on high-quality poster paper. It is simple to display since you can either put the photo collage poster in a frame or, alternatively, you can simply put it up on your wall using double-sided tape.

The photo collage on poster is also extremely easy to transport and will arrive at the shipping address quickly and safely in a rolled package. The custom photo collage makes the perfect gift and is always very much appreciated by the recipient. Find the format which speaks to you the most and make your photo collage poster with all your favourite photos.

Your own photo collage on acrylic glass is the trendiest way to create your own online photo collage as this special material gives your picture collage a unique shine. Be it as a gift or simply decoration for your living room, the photo collage on acrylic glass has always been a popular photo material and is much loved among our customers.

Everyone has their own personal moments that they have managed to capture in photo, but have not yet been able to print. Why not print these treasured images as a photo collage on acrylic glass? The result will give you joy and, with every glance at the product, you can reminisce on times gone by. Below you’ll find our most popular formats for the photo collage on acrylic glass.

collage vacation acrylic glass visual
Product Format Size Price Delivery
Photo collage on acrylic glass
1:1 20 x 20 cm £ 19.00 24 hours Photo collage maker
Photo collage on acrylic glass
4:3 80 x 60 cm £ 89.00 24 hours Photo collage maker

Our recommendation for your photo collage:

collage activies as acrylic glass print.jpg

Your own photo collage print as acrylic print is perfect for our trend-conscious customers. Creating your photo collage on this high-quality material will put you at the forefront of design.

Find your most beautiful pictures and create your personal photo collage by selecting the design and the position of the images, and in no time you will have created your custom photo collage online. Many customers opt for our acrylic glass photo product, not just because this is the current trend but because the photo collage is particularly suited to being printed on acrylic glass and hung in your living room or bedroom.

Creating a photo collage on Alu-Dibond is for those ‘in the know’, as only professional photographers use this high-quality material to print their photographs. Use this special material to create your photo collage and hold on to your most treasured memories. Special moments from holidays with the family or from birthdays can be remembered with photos and printed as a photo collage onto Alu-Dibond.

Try it out by selecting all your favourite images and then uploading them to our photo collage maker. Our system then gives you the possibility to adjust the positions of the images as you see fit. When the collage is arranged the way you want it, you can easily send this for printing as a photo collage on Alu-Dibond.

collage as alu baby visual
Product Format Size Price Delivery
Alu-Dibond photo collage
1:1 20 x 20 cm £ 19.00 24 hours Photo collage maker
Alu-Dibond photo collage
4:3 60 x 45 cm £ 69.00 24 hours Photo collage maker
Alu-Dibond photo collage
4:3 80 x 60 cm £ 89.00 24 hours Photo collage maker

Our recommendation for your photo collage:

print collage as alu

Creating your photo collage on Alu-Dibond is something special that will enable you to stand out from the crowd, since professionals and photography connoisseurs alike use this high-quality base for their photo printing.

The high-quality Alu-Dibond will give your favourite personal photos that certain something, which many others who have ordered the photo collage on Alu-Dibond will confirm. So why not select your personal images to create a collage and order the final assembled collage on Alu-Dibond. With each viewing of the finished photo product, you will think of the important moments and people depicted.

Printing your photo collage: Our overall recommendation

Not even the most stunning photo collage can be seen unless it is printed, and there are numerous different ways to print your photo collage. Printing on canvas is the most popular method. Alternatively, printing as a poster or on acrylic glass are two popular ways of creating a stunning and unique collage. Whichever option you choose, your own collage will fill you with delight again and again.

It is important to determine which photo product you want for your collage. If you are not sure whether you want your collage printed on canvas, acrylic glass or as a poster, the best way is to consider where you would like to hang the collage. If you have created a collage particularly suited to the bathroom, we recommend the acrylic glass photo collage.

If the photo product is to be displayed in the living room or bedroom, the photo collage on canvas with its unique surface will bring a certain je ne sais quoi to the ambience. Perhaps you might want to present the collage as a gift. In that case it is good to try and find out what style the recipient would prefer. Obviously this can be difficult to find out and if you really do not know, then thinking about where the recipient might hang the collage is a good idea. In any case, you really cannot go wrong with the photo collage on Alu-Dibond. Alu-Dibond exudes elegance over the other products. But of course everything depends on personal taste and the subject matter of the custom photo collage you have created.