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A photo collage on canvas is the most beautiful way to print a large format photo collage. That’s why more than two-thirds of our customers choose to have their photo collages printed on canvas. On a stretcher frame, the collage canvas is like a personal piece of art and can be hung as wall art in the home.

The collage canvas is a real eye-catcher in every house. Up to 100 photos can be printed on one collage canvas, depending on the template you choose. Looking at the many little photos on the finished collage canvas brings much pleasure.

Did you know? At 65%, the collage canvas is our most popular product.

Premium Collage Canvas Prints

Creating your own photo collage on canvas is very simple: First select the photos you want to use from your own computer and upload these into the selected canvas collage template. Once the photos are uploaded, most of your work is done. This is because the photos will be arranged automatically in the photo collage. Especially for the transmission of several pictures a fast internet connection is of course an advantage.

If you would like to alter the automatic arrangement of the photos in the collage canvas, this is also easily done: Before the printing of the collage canvas, the position or alignment of every photo can still be changed. It is even possible to turn the uploaded photos into black & white online. This means that every user has the opportunity to create a personalised collage canvas of their own.

Did you know? 97% of our customers rate us with GOOD or VERY GOOD.

Photo Canvas Collage in XXL

The collage canvas these days is produced using state of the art printing technology. This guaranteed excellent results with finest detail and true-to-life colours. The finished collage canvases also impress with detail that has only been possible since the advent of direct printing. This is particularly important when printing photo collage canvases with lots of photos. Especially when these collage canvases are printed in smaller formats, it is important that each of the many small photos can be seen clearly. This is only achieved through the use of high-performance printing technology for collage canvases. This makes the canvas as a birthday photo collage the perfect gift!

The surface structure of the collage canvas gives the collage a particular expression. The structure of the weave can clearly be seen when looking at the photo collage canvas close up. This is a demonstration of the high level of the printing technology: If all photos are clearly visible, the collage canvas will delight the viewer.

Further information

produkt collage leinwand love

Image: Canvas print, 80 x 60 cm – frame thickness 2 cm

Canvas information

  • Real canvas made of 100% cotton
  • Ready-to-hang on a wooden stretcher frame
  • Modern HP© printing technology
  • 75 year colour guarantee

wrb collage leinwand love

Image: Collage on canvas 150 x 100 cm

Information in detail

  • Original artist canvas made from 360 g/m² cotton with fine linen structure
  • Ready-to-hang, stretched on a real wood stretcher frame, delivered with 8 tensioning wedges
  • Modern direct printing with HEWLETT PACKARD© (HP – True Color Technology) on canvas
  • Two versions available: 2 cm standard stretcher and 4 cm gallery stretcher frame
  • PRIO production and EXPRESS delivery available
  • Eco-friendly: The product is made more than 99% from renewable raw materials
SizeRRPPriceChoose size
XS20 x 20 cm£30.00£19.00£30.00select
XS30 x 20 cm£39.00£44.00select
XS40 x 20 cm£39.00£49.00select
XS40 x 30 cm£69.00£49.00£59.00select
S50 x 50 cm£69.00£79.00select
S60 x 20 cm£49.00£59.00select
S60 x 30 cm£59.00£69.00select
S60 x 40 cm£69.00£79.00select
S60 x 45 cm£69.00£79.00select
S80 x 20 cm£62.00£69.00select
S80 x 40 cm£74.00£84.00select
M80 x 60 cm£99.00£79.00£89.00select
M80 x 80 cm£89.00£104.00select
S90 x 30 cm£69.00£79.00select
M90 x 60 cm£99.00£89.00£109.00select
M100 x 25 cm£69.00£81.00select
M100 x 50 cm£87.00£99.00select
M100 x 75 cm£109.00£124.00select
L100 x 100 cm£119.00£134.00select
M105 x 70 cm£110.00£130.00select
M120 x 30 cm£77.00£89.00select
M120 x 40 cm£89.00£99.00select
M120 x 60 cm£103.00£119.00select
L120 x 80 cm£119.00£134.00select
L120 x 90 cm£129.00£119.00£134.00select
L120 x 120 cm£139.00£159.00select
M125 x 25 cm£74.00£86.00select
M140 x 35 cm£89.00£109.00select
M150 x 30 cm£69.00£79.00select
L150 x 50 cm£105.00£119.00select
M160 x 30 cm£85.00£99.00select
L160 x 40 cm£97.00£109.00select
XL160 x 120 cm£169.00£189.00select
L175 x 35 cm£99.00£115.00select
XL180 x 60 cm£129.00£149.00select
XL200 x 40 cm£109.00£127.00select
XL200 x 50 cm£119.00£139.00select
XL210 x 70 cm£149.00£169.00select

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XS20 x 20 cm£69.95£5.95£22.95
XS30 x 20 cm£69.95£5.95£22.95
XS30 x 30 cm£69.95£5.95£22.95
XS40 x 20 cm£69.95£5.95£22.95
XS40 x 30 cm£69.95£5.95£22.95
XS40 x 40 cm£69.95£5.95£22.95
XS45 x 30 cm£69.95£5.95£22.95
S50 x 50 cm£74.95£7.95£25.95
S60 x 20 cm£74.95£7.95£25.95
S60 x 30 cm£74.95£7.95£25.95
S60 x 40 cm£74.95£7.95£25.95
S60 x 45 cm£74.95£7.95£25.95
S60 x 60 cm£74.95£7.95£25.95
S80 x 20 cm£74.95£7.95£25.95
S80 x 40 cm£74.95£7.95£25.95
M80 x 60 cm£74.95£7.95£25.95
M80 x 80 cm£79.95£9.95£29.95
S90 x 30 cm£79.95£9.95£29.95
M90 x 60 cm£79.95£9.95£29.95
M100 x 25 cm£79.95£9.95£29.95
M100 x 50 cm£79.95£9.95£29.95
M100 x 75 cm£79.95£9.95£29.95
L100 x 100 cm£95.95£12.95£29.95
M105 x 70 cm£95.95£12.95£29.95
M120 x 30 cm£95.95£12.95£29.95
M120 x 40 cm£95.95£12.95£29.95
M120 x 60 cm£95.95£12.95£29.95
L120 x 80 cm£95.95£12.95£29.95
L120 x 90 cm£95.95£12.95£29.95
L120 x 120 cm-£12.95£39.95
M125 x 25 cm-£12.95£39.95
M140 x 35 cm-£12.95£39.95
M150 x 30 cm-£12.95£39.95
L150 x 50 cm-£12.95£39.95
XL150 x 100 cm-£12.95£39.95
M160 x 30 cm-£12.95£39.95
L160 x 40 cm-£12.95£39.95
XL160 x 120 cm-£12.95£39.95
L175 x 35 cm-£12.95£39.95
XL180 x 60 cm-£12.95£39.95
XL200 x 40 cm-£12.95£59.95
XL200 x 50 cm-£12.95£59.95
XL210 x 70 cm-£12.95£39.95

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Canvas collage to canvas

The photo canvas collage is particularly popular amongst our customers. Nearly two-thirds of collage customers choose to print the photo collage on canvas. There are some good reasons for this: The collage canvas is not only considerably higher quality than a print on poster paper, it is also significantly cheaper than other comparable wall art photo gifts. In contrast, prints on acrylic glass can cost many times more than a photo collage on canvas.

You should plan in a few days for a collage canvas print. After all, once the design is ready, it still has to be printed and sent out to you. This can take up to a week. We offer more than 300 templates for the collage canvas. Every photo collage is available in more than ten sizes. So there’s something for everybody. From small collage canvases with just a few photos to large collages with more than 100 photos. If you want to create your own collage canvas, you are sure to find the perfect template and right size for you.

Collage canvas prints – This is how it works:

  1. Choose your photos for the collage canvas. Upload your photos into your chosen template.
  2. Rearrange the photos until you are happy with where they are. Important: All photos can also be edited online.
  3. Happy with your collage? Then you can have your finished collage printed on to canvas. Simply select the size you want and order – done! (Standard delivery in approx. 3 work days)

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